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Single User Trial


  • A non-dialing DEMO account

Unlimited Plan


  • US / CANADA calling

Unlimited Plan


  • 3 or more agents

Usage Based




  • Available for 5+ agent accounts

No Limits (Dedicated Server)





  • Up to 70 agents



  • Beyond complementary 30-minute setup session

Custom Plan


Predictive Dialing Features

Predicitve Dialing Features

Advanced Dial Modes

Full Predictive Dialing

uses our advanced calling algorithm based on your past abandon rate, and available agents to intelligently dial the appropriate number of lines to ensure your agents are talking longer.

Administrators also have the option to override the algorithm and set a faster or slower dial rate for each campaign which is useful for lists which are costly and best dialed at a slower rate, or for instances when faster dialing is required.

Power Dialing

allows a specific agent to call sequentially down a pre-defined list utilizing multiple phone lines. This mode tends to be best for single agent dialing.

Manual Dialing

mode allows agents to leverage the Hello Hunter CRM and an easy click-to-call interface to call a specific contact using only a single telephone line. This is the default method used for scheduled call backs.

Inbound Support

was recently added, allowing for blended inbound and outbound campaigns to the same agents in the same system. Additional setup costs required.

Learn about Answering Machine Detection.

Voice Connection Methods

Dial-out (No VoIP)

The dialer will call users at their phone when a connection is initiated though the web interface. Our phone network will then bridge the call with an available contact. Users must have a direct dial number (not an extension) for this to work. This option provides excellent phone quality.

Dial-in (No VoIP)

Users will use a phone line to dial our local access number when a connection is required. Users will be prompted for a unique id number and pin that identifies the caller as a user on our system. This option provides excellent phone quality but might incur additional telephone fees.

SIP Phone

Users have a SIP phone (x-lite or zoiper) or hardware (cisco or linksys) that will register to our SIP server. Unique information must be programmed into the user's SIP device. Ensure the phone successfully registers before initiating a call through the system. Call quality is dependent on the User's Internet connection.

SIP Address (PBX)

Users have a SIP extension on an existing phone system. The dialer will initiate a SIP call to from the dialer when a connection is required. This is an advanced option and users should consult their PBX administrator before attempting this method. Call quality is dependent on the PBX and its connection to the Internet.

Google Talk

User must have a Google account (gmail or google apps) and be setup on Google Talk with Voice Chat. The dialer will connect the user to our dialing system by calling the Google Talk account from Ensure is added to the contact list of Call quality is dependent on the user's Internet connection.


100% compliance with real-time abandonment rate reporting per campaign. For more information on legal requirements for dialers see FTC/FCC Telemarketing Rules.

Switchboard Admin

Our admin switchboard interface gives you a real-time view of what's going on. What calls are being made and which ones do not. Never before has your reporting interface been so slick.

Agent Monitoring


functionality allows administrators to listen in, in real-time to calls with only the click of a button.


function allows trainers or managers to whisper responses or coach new agents thru a call, even if the trainer is geographically separate from the agent.

Full call recording

to an archived .wav files is also available for an additional fee.

Integrated CRM

No additional fees for our simple to use CRM which includes...

  • Agent note taking and full compliance with a complete log of a contact’s history.
  • Ability to assign contacts to other agents or closers
  • Detailed statistics and reporting ensures administrators have in-depth knowledge of agent productivity.
  • Global search function allows agents to quickly locate records of contacts. Search by either phone number or custom defined data field like Name or Address.
  • Callback reminders are easily created in one-click either with pre-defined options (ex. in 1 hour, 1 week, or 1 month) or on a custom date & time.
  • When the task becomes due, the agent will be notified with an on-screen popup.
  • Fully customizable contact data fields. Store customized information specific to your customer's needs.

Crystal Clear Calls

with call routing servers in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Dallas. Optional NO-VoIP connections Available.

Desktop Application Responsivness

in a software as a service, web deployable, flash (.swf) software package.