Predictive Dialer Calling Features

Hello Hunter improves results for companies doing business over the phone. A must have for Inside Sales or TeleSales Professionals

SIP Termination Providers

Ability to integrate with your existing third-party SIP termination providers

Definable Caller ID

Definable Caller ID name & phone numbers (both by user and/or predictive dialing campaign

Telephone Connections

3 User Selectable Choices

Standard Phone

SIP-based VOIP

Web Phone

Standard Phone Required Yes No No
SIP Hardware/Software Required No Yes No
Supplemental Dialer Connection Fees Yes No No
Connection Quality Excellent OK* OK* in most locations
Computer Headset (speaker & mic) Required No Yes, if using a softphone. No, otherwise Yes
Details The dialer bridges your existing phone with our advanced contact locating system. To make calls, the system will call your existing phone line (you receive a normal incoming call) and route the call through our system. Users can select to use a computer-based Softphone, or hardware based SIP compatible phone or adapter. Additionally the dialer, with minor configuration tweaks, can send calls to an existing SIP PBX peer (Asterisk, OpenSER, FreeSwitch, etc). Users utilize the dialer's built-in flash WebPhone. When a call is initiated using the web interface, users automatically connect to our system with their computer's speaker and microphone. Ideal for access from remote locations.

*Telephone connection quality for SIP-based VoIP and our WebPhone is highly dependent on your existing internet connection.