Predictive Dialer for Inside Sales

"As an old Inside Sales executive myself, I knew the industry needed this product."
- Matt Hunter


Designed for Daily use by Inside Sales Executives

User Decision

The Power of a Dialer without Giving-up Decisions to a Computer


A Tool to Aid Inside Sales Productivity


  • Good Inside Sales reps spend all day on the phone. Hello Hunter greatly enhanced producivity.
  • Free access to our proprotiary B2B database. Precise searching and filtering by Title, Company, Industry, Location. Ask for a free lead list just for trying Hello Hunter.
  • Easily integrates into any setup. Web Phone available.
  • Dial as much or as little as you want. The Inside Sales representative has absolute control.
  • Customizable interface, for your industry. IT Inside Sales execs can store information about servers, operating systems, etc but a moving firm might have information about location and address.
  • Hello Hunter's Predictive Dialer is the prefered Dialer for Inside Sales.

Not Just a Predictive Dialer

Matt Hunter came from an Inside Sales background selling IT products, and understand that real sales professionals need tools to empower them, not software to dictate a pre-written script or how to sell. TeleDialer was built with this in-mind. We are a hybrid Lead Management System (LMS) for cold callers and outbound telephone dialing solution.

Sales people can document notes about gatekeepers, identify alternative decision makers within an organization, or assign opportunities to a colleague who might have more experience in a specific industry or deals with a sales region. Furthermore, Hello Hunter gives Inside Sales representatives access to a full range of information, enabling them to conference in a regional sales manager or technicians and access to detailed corporate selling intelligence.

With our proprietary B2B cold calling database, Inside Sales representatives can easily identify key decision makers by title, industry, size, revenue, etc. Using TeleDialer is like having a direct "Hello" introduction to a prospect. Demo TeleDialer now!

Direct Dial

Multiple Dial

Predictive Q

Manual Number Entry No, fully automated Click-to-Call functionality No No
Number of Outbound Calls 1 2 - 3 As determined by our algorithm based on live FCC/FTC abandon rates
Ensures Specific Prospect to Inside Sales Routing Yes Yes No
Optional Call Recording (for note taking, where allowable by law) Yes Yes Yes
Full Call Statistics & Logging Yes Yes Yes
Ability to Connect by Standard Phone, SIP Phone, or WebPhone Yes Yes Yes
Ability to Leave a Pre-Recorded Message Yes Yes Yes
Usefulness Ideal for follow-ups, and specific customer engagements. Great for scouting a specific list or group of contacts for new opportunities Ideal for a mega-list and hardcore cold calling amongst a group of Inside Sales Professionals.

If you are a B2B sales organization, consider our Voice Broadcasting application. Sit, back, and relax while your message is blasted to thousands of people a minute.

That's not all we do! Sales organizations have integrated Hello Hunter with its Application Programming Interface (API) to track and identify other pre-sales objectives like web-page visits, information submits, and follow-up email communications-all within our easy to use system. Contact us today to see how we can customize your solution to enhance your sales.