Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some commonly asked questions about our Dialer.


  • Can I have a free trial?

    Unfortunately we do not offer free dialing trials. We encourage you to instead try our 1-week $50 paid trial for a single user. A non-dialing public demo account can be requested by filling out the demo form on our homepage with valid information.

  • Why do you charge for support?

    To keep our costs low for all of our customers, Hello Hunter charges $30/hour for support beyond the complimentary 30 minutes given for new subscribers. Instructions throughout the interface are typically sufficient for most users to get setup and dialing. If however you need phone support, please email sales and we will gladly direct you towards a Hello Hunter reseller who can offer you all-inclusive pricing.

  • How long does it take to setup?

    Once an account is ordered thru our Google Checkout payment system, it can take up to 12 hours to provision your account on a Hello Hunter system, however under typical conditions account setup is done in under 30 minutes. It typically takes a week of training to get used to the dialer and its various features before most customers are able to utilize the dialer's full potential.

  • Can administrators barge or listen in on a call?

    Yes, administrators can bargin on a live call under the Agent Monitor Tab, which can be enabled under the user's preferences under the Admin Tab. We also offer full call recording cabilities.

  • Do you do offer customizations programming?

    Maybe. We try our best to integrate new features that can help our customers, however customers with specific requests can purchase custom development at a rate of $100/hr. Please contact a sales representative for additional information and an estimate.

  • What kind of API integrations do you offer?

    Presently our software and customers can utilize the live lead posts and agent-initiated pushing to an external CRM. Live lead post integration has a one-time programming fee of $100, and enables the HTTP posting of a single contact into a predefined campaign to be called and connected to the next available agent. Most people who choose this option will utilize programming libraries like phpcurl to initiate requests from an online web form. Posting updated contact information to an external URL can be configured thru the Web GUI and must be initiated by an Agent on a per-contact basis. Certain dedicated customers can also request the ability to directly access their MySQL database for an additional $250/month fee.


  • What are the Computer Requirements?

    The Hello Hunter dialer requires a web browser and Internet access supporting Adobe Flash. Users have successfully used the software on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. We recommend the Firefox web browser with a minimum 2GB of RAM.

  • What are the Network Requirements?

    To connect with the dialer, computers need outbound access to the following TCP ports 80, 4000, 843 and 61613. If users will be connecting with a SIP soft phone, all UDP ports must be unblocked. Users are recommended to use a uPnP router with a solid always-on internet connection. Latency of under 100 milliseconds to the nearest Hello Hunter server is ideal. Up to 200kbps of bandwidth per agent with near zero jitter is required.

  • What is the Latency Indicator?

    The latency indicator shows the time it takes for an internet message to go from your computer to our server and back. We only use it to help diagnose potential internet connectivity issues, it's not necessarily indicative of a problem. A consistent latency under 300ms is normal.

Trouble Shooting

  • I am experiencing poor voice quality...

    80% of voice quality issues are the result of the end user's internet connection. High quality voice conversations require an extremely consistent (low jitter) connection to our servers. To isolate possible problems, we recommend network administrators download Colasoft Ping Tool and setup a continuous ping to 1) our hello hunter server and 2) a constant server like Poor voice quality caused by the network will manifest itself in any packet loss in excess of 1%. Hello Hunter recommends always using a WIRED (not wi-fi) always-on connection like Fiber or Broadband Cable. In certain situations where the internet connection is being shared it might be necessary to implement VoIP QoS on your router. Please consult your network administrator for further instructions.

  • My screen freezes...

    Please ensure you have the latest version of Oracle Java and Adobe Flash Player installed. You can check the version number and status of your current plug-ins by using your browser and going to

    Oracle Java:

    Adobe Flash Player:

  • I need additional help...

    Please download the Yuuguu remote meeting program at Once downloaded, execute the program and signup for an account. Submit a support ticket at and request a meeting time to setup a remote help session where our technicians will be able to remotely control your computer to diagnose your issue and answer any questions you might have. Support is billed at $30/hour on a case-by-case basis.

Partner & Reseller

  • Can I use my own termination provider?

    Yes! Our dialer software can be configured to work with any SIP-based termination gateway that supports G711 ulaw/alway (PCMU/PCMA) or G729a/b. Sorry, at this time the IAX protocol is not supported.

  • Is your system multi-tenant?

    Yes! The dialer software can support multiple user groups (or companies) on the same system with telephone rates, customizations, and data specific to each account. In addition, a single dedicated server can host accounts under different brands or private labels.

  • Why partner with Hello Hunter?

    Our primary focus is the on-going development of our Voice Broadcasting and Predictive Dialer software. Our dialer platform is unique and world class, and your customers will notice the difference! When partnering with Hello Hunter you are dealing direct with competent US-educated developers, which enables us a better understanding of the requirements necessary for your business to succeed.


  • How is support handled?

    As primarily a wholesale vendor of dialer software, our support is provided via our support interface at where clients can submit tickets and setup automatic payments. Tickets are typically responded to within a few hours depending on the severity of the issue. Several of our resellers and partners also offer 24/7 telephone support for an added cost. Please contact for a list of resellers with enhanced customer service options.

  • What is your uptime?

    The dialer industry as a whole has pretty poor uptime standards, because there are so many moving parts that make our product work. Our production servers undergo daily data backups and weekly reboots checks and we always keep a minimum of 2 dedicated servers on standby should one of our servers encounter a hardware failure. Our customers typically experience less than 4 hours/month of downtime. For accounts with >10 agents requiring high availability we offer a hot standby option at 150% the cost of your monthly fee.

  • Where are your servers located?

    We have severs located throughout North America (Vancouver, Toronto), Europe (London, Frankfurt), Asia (Singapore, Hong Kong), and Africa (Nigeria). Having servers located geographically near your place of business ensures quality telephone connections and fast access to our servers.

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