International Predictive Dialer

Hello Hunter improves results for companies doing business over the phone. A must have for Inside Sales or TeleSales Professionals.

International Support

The Hello Hunter Predictive Dialer & Voice Broadcasting system has full UTF-8 character support!

  • Use your own preferred SIP-termination provider.
  • Existing customers have utilized character support for Arabic, Thai, and French.
  • WebPhone support bypasses NAT issues caused by some international ISPs*
    * WebPhone traffic requires about twice the amount of bandwidth as a traditional SIP client using ulaw 7.11a/u codecs.
  • Both Database Fields & Content support UTF-8 characters. No more pronunciation problems because your data is in ASCII.
  • Datacenters located in Germany, Japan, Singapore, and India, coupled with our flash-based interface and "Push" technology ensures agents are provided caller data promptly.