Hosted Switch

Now ITSP and small to mid-sized companies can benefit from BIG company technology.

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Hosted Least Cost Routing (LCR) & Billing

Predicitve Dialing Features

Our Hosted switch allows any company to manage and operate their own VoIP Provider. Hello Hunter's unique experience into the dialer termination business has allowed it to purpose build a SIP-based switching platform that is unique to the industry. Call centers and dialer companies can now scale to thousands of simultanous SIP channels instantly without costly build-ups.

The hosted switch is currently in BETA, but has the following operational features:

  • Intrastate and Interstate Billing
  • Ability to overridethe NPA-NXX rate deck for specific numbers for direct routing calls
  • ANI rewite ability
  • Call accounting and Routing done by Tech Prefix
  • Developed on FreeSWITCH
  • VoIP Provider Failover, based on SIP responses specified by Carrier
  • Hosted in a Enterprise Cloud Environment (no more hardware failures)
  • Daily emailed CDR and Accounting
  • Optional ability to handle media and act as a SBC


NO per channel limits. The system has been stress tested handling over 4000 simultanous channels in a production environment.



  • 800 simultanous channels without media handling

Optional North America Termination Services

All of our hosted switch customers have the option to automatically add our preferred list of VoIP Providers immediately without qualifications or credit applications to their rate decks. This allows most of our customers an immediate cost savings over their current hardware.

Yes! Dialer Termination is avaialble! Please email your call stats to for more information