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Ability to integrate with your existing third party SIP termination providers. Definable caller ID name & phone numbers (both by user and/or predictive dialing campaign).

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Full Predictive Dialing uses our advanced calling algorithm based on your past abandon rate, and available agents to intelligently dial the appropriate number of lines to ensure your agents are talking longer. Administrators also have the option to override the algorithm and set a faster or slower dial rate for each campaign which is useful for lists which are costly and best dialed at a slower rate, or for instances when faster dialing is required.

Power Dialing allows a specific agent to call sequentially down a pre-defined list utilizing multiple phone lines. This mode tends to be best for single agent dialing.

Manual Dialing mode allows agents to leverage the Hello Hunter CRM and an easy click-to-call interface to call a specific contact using only a single telephone line. This is the default method used for scheduled call backs.

Inbound support was recently added, allowing for blended inbound and outbound campaigns to the same agents in the same system. Additional setup costs required.