Hello Hunter Voice Broadcasting System

Certain forms of voice broadcasting might be illegal in your area. Please consult a lawyer before purchasing our services.



  • 4,000 minutes
  • $0.025/minute
  • Full-featured Voice Boradcasting System



  • 62,500 minutes
  • $0.016/minute
  • Full-featured Voice Boradcasting System



  • 153,846 minutes
  • $0.013/minute
  • Full-featured Voice Boradcasting System
Basic 4,000 $0.025/minute US/Canada $100
Basic + 8,000 $0.025/minute US/Canada $200
Standard 27,777 $0.018/minute US/Canada $500
Pro 62,500 $0.016/minute US/Canada $1000
Extreme 153,846 $0.013/minute US/Canada $2000
Infinite $0.010/minute US/Canada Incredible CONTACT US
All Plans Variable Worldwide Please contact sales CONTACT SALES

Server Locations

We have severs located throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Having servers located geographically near your place of business ensures quality telephone connections and fast access to our servers.

Voice Broadcast Features

Our distributed calling system scales to over 100,000 calls/hour.

100% User Controllable

Each user can upload broadcast recordings, manage lists, and start & stop campaigns all from our easy-to-use flash-based interface.

Selectable Action Keys

Choose to have Recipients on any phone keypad button (0-9, * or #) to initiate an action of your choice. Actions include: Transfer, Do Not Call, or Leave a Message.

Unique Transfer Numbers

Each voice broadcasting campaign can have a unique transfer number for enhanced call reporting and statistics.

Unique Backup Number

Utilizing a backup number ensures your receive every call, even if your primary line is out of order or busy.

Answering Machine Detection

Our 90% accurate answering machine detection ensures your message is played to real-people not answering machines.

Exact Billing/CDR

Hello Hunter does not believe in deceptive billing which is why we are one of the few voice broadcasting providers that offer fully exportable CDR reports to all our customers.

Simple Surveys and Polling

Conduct simple and rapid surveys or political polling with up to 12 answer options--never before has conducting surveys been so cheap.

Voicemail Message Drop

Voice Broadcast managers have the option to leave a separate custom message or their normal broadcast message whenever our system encounters a voicemail box.

SIP Address Forwarding

Forward transferred calls to a SIP Address anywhere on the Internet--it can be a PBX, Asterisks System, or Call Center.

Organize Results with Meta Data

You can download and view voice broadcast results side-by-side with relevant information to close the sale or to follow-up with a live call.

Selectable Call Times

Our dialing system matches the destination telephone number with an area code mapping of the time zone before initiating a call. This ensures your campaign is running 100% of the time.

Real-Time Monitoring

Customers can monitor the actions of a Voice Broadcast campaign through the monitor window in real-time.